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Rungta Polyextrusions is a leader in the manufacture and supply of Plastic Pipes. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the piping industry, specifically our HDPE Double Walled Corrugated(DWC) Pipes: Runcoor.

Rungta Polyextrusions having valuable experience in providing piping solutions across a large range of services: water supply, plumbing, sanitation, sewage, irrigation, HVAC, oil and gas, and many more, to cater to the many needs of our customers. Our people are well-trained and highly experienced in the manufacturing and management of our products, and work towards ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.

Our Mission


To be the leading supplier of HDPE DWC Pipes in India

Our Vision

Rungta Polyextrusions

Aims to provide customers with innovative and high-quality plastic piping alternatives that are proven to be economically effective and technically superior in the Indian market.

Our Quality

We provide our customers with the highest quality products, manufactured through our automatic machine process and checked in our fully equipped quality check lab

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Our innovative technological infrastructural facility has been developed to satisfy the varied needs and requirements of our clientele. To ensure a cost-effective and streamlined process for developing high quality HDPE DWC pipes, our facility is highly automated and contains different functional units like manufacturing, procuring, quality testing, warehousing and packaging..

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