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Rungta Polyextrusions is a leader in the manufacture and supply of Plastic Pipes. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the piping industry, specifically our HDPE Double Walled Corrugated(DWC) Pipes: Runcoor & Runelektra

Rungta Polyextrusions having valuable experience in providing piping solutions across a large range of services: water supply, plumbing, sanitation, sewage, irrigation, HVAC, oil and gas, and many more, to cater to the many needs of our customers. Our people are well-trained and highly experienced in the manufacturing and management of our products, and work towards ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.

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Our Product


Our HDPE DWC pipes feature a full circular dual-wall cross section, with a corrugated exterior and a smooth interior. Our pipes are lightweight, corrosion resistant, highly flexible and meets ISO standards.

Key Differentiators
  • Optimum combination of toughness, strength and stiffness
  • Lightweight and cost-effective due to hollow wall structure
  • Large diameter application with long-term structural stability
  • Excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance properties
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Our HDPE DWC pipes have been used for various industrial applications. Some of these include:
  • 1) Underground sewer systems
  • 2) Industrial Waste Water Systems
  • 3) Storm Water Drainage
  • 4) Cable ducting
  • 5) Culvert and Cross Drainage
We service our clients to a high degree of satisfaction, across both public and private sectors. We cater to various sectors such as :
  • 1) Agriculture / Horticlture
  • 2) Airports
  • 3) Civil Engineering & Construction
  • 4) Dot/ Roads / Bridges / Landfils
  • 5) Industrial / Port / Packaging
  • 6) Military
  • 7) Mining / Foresting / Energy / Railway
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The company’s quality edifice stands on the following pillars :
  • 1) Total commitment for customer satisfaction.
  • 2) Protection and Advancement of Environment.
  • 3) Market Leadership.
  • 4) Strive for Quality Excellence.
  • 5) Sustainable Development of Stakeholders.
Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials and have been manufactured through a completely automated process using the latest in industrial technology.

Our Runcoor pipes are based on the following certifications

IS 16205 PART 24 & IS 16098 Part 2

Our Quality Management Systems are

ISO 9001: 2015 & BIS Certification XXXXXX
These certified standards help us to maintain superior quality and to ensure trouble free performance of our products. Some of the important tests for HDPE double wall corrugated polyethylene pipes are as given below:
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Ring Stiffness

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Oxidation induction time test

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Water tightness test

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Ring flexibility

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Physical properties

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Melt flow index test

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Creep ratio

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Impact test

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Effect on heating


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