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Our HDPE DWC pipes feature a full circular dual-wall cross section, with a corrugated exterior and a smooth interior. Our Pipes are lightweight, corrosion resistant, highly flexible and meets ISO standards.

Key Differentiators
  • Optimum combination of toughness, strength and stiffness
  • Lightweight and cost-effective due to hollow wall structure
  • Large diameter application with long-term structural stability
  • Excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance properties
  • 100% watertight and hence free from any infiltration, ex-filtration and root penetration
  • Eco Friendly with no adverse impact on the environment
  • Low transportation and installation cost

Product Sizes

100 101 120
135 135 160
170 170 200
200 200 230
250 250 290
300 300 345
400 400 460
500 500 580


OUR RUNCOR pipes are based on IS 16098 PART 2

Our RUNELEKTRA pipes are based on 16205 PART 24.

Comparison of HDPE DWC / RCC Pipes

Property HDPE DWC RCC Pipes
Material Cost Low High
Transportation Cost Low due to light in weight High due to heavy in weight
Excavation Cost Low due to smooth inner surface High due to rough surface
Installation Cost Low (no special machinery required) High dued to heavy weight
Joining Cost Low due to push fit jointing High
Maintenance Cost Low due to best corrosionResistance High
Repair Cost Low High
Cost of Convenience Nil High
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